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How to clean the wall

The walls are part of the house which is most likely to be dirty or stained from things, whether it is stains from dust, dirt, scratches, or paint, etc.

Especially if any house has small children, then the wall has a chance to become a sketchbook. You can paint a large size.

Therefore, if you want to give the walls of the house still in good condition as usual it must be kept clean. and take care of it properly according to the type of wall of the house itself which is different It may be used in the following ways.

If there is a stain on the wall plain painted especially the new mark then bring warm water and dishwashing liquid. in equal ratios to mix together.

Then use a sponge to moisten it and scrub the area around the scratch. Or you can leave it for about 10 minutes and then scrub it. If the stain is too difficult to remove.

But be careful not to use Scotch Brite. or a hard brush to scrub as this will cause the paint to peel off.

When you see that the dirt is flowing as water comes out So hurry to absorb immediately. Do not let it dry on its own. because it will cause a stain to come up again

But in some cases, using water to help clean It can cause the stain to spread to a large extent.

which if unable to solve Finally, it may have to invest. with a new paint job

If there is a stain on the wall painted using plastic water-based paint it will be easy to clean If most stains occur Just use a cleaning cloth is enough. or can be moistened with cleaning solution as well

If it is a wallpaper wall it can be cleaned quite easily by bringing a feather duster or use a mop to brush off the dust that sticks out. this is enough

But if there is a stain You may try to use an eraser to erase that area. It may help to some extent ever.

Therefore, the choice of color to paint the walls of the house therefore it is important That will help you less tried to clean.

Choosing a plastic paint, it is a better alternative than ordinary watercolors because it is easier to clean.

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