MenScript Review

MenScript can be described as an online health brand for men created so that men can get help and solutions to delicate topics such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction. With a goal of combating the stigma associated with male health issues, MenScript strives to provide products easily reachable and accessible.

This MenScript review offers a thorough look at the full range of MenScript products including customer reviews, promotions, and more, to help you decide whether this brand is the right one for you.

MenScript Plans

MenScript products can be purchased for a single purchase or as a subscription that delivers the products on a monthly basis. The cost of monthly subscriptions is identical each month for a one-time purchase. However, the PS5 processing fee that comes with each product (a buying two items includes an additional PS10 processing fee) will only be applied only to the initial shipment.

This MenScript review won’t be a comprehensive review (that would take an awfully long time) Instead, it will focus on a selection of their top sellers. They include:

The basic message behind MenScript is the fact that embarrassment and stigma that come with health issues are simple to resolve. Hair loss was the very first one that MenScript focused on. MenScript will once more allow you to believe in the hairline that every year, it recedes. MenScript provides five hair set of products as well as four to make the dream come true:


  • MenScript Hair Loss



  • MenScript Skincare



  • MenScript Erectile Dysfunction


MenScript Hair Loss

Finasteride and the 5% Minoxidil solution are the only genuine two drugs that are in the mix. They are the only two which the MHRA accepts as effective. Minoxidil is 5% Minoxidil is available over the counter whereas the doctor has to prescribe Finasteride. Reviews indicate that, while other products may be beneficial, it’s Minoxidil and the Finasteride and Finasteride that perform the bulk lifting.

Finasteride can be taken daily that targets on the crown of your head. It treats male pattern hair loss. Taken once or twice-a-day, it is 5%. Minoxidil is applied in drops and also works at the crown. However, it takes an “lose the battle, win the war” strategy. It aids in the removal of hair that is old and also the growth of hair that is thicker and new by relaxing blood vessels around the scalp. This increases blood flow.

This is about as deep that this MenScript Hair review will go. The bottom line is that for those with thicker hair or slower hair loss, MenScript has you covered.

MenScript Skincare

MenScript offers both acne and anti-aging solutions. So if your skin looks too young or older, these products can assist. They provide two types of products:


  • Anti-Aging Cream



  • Acne Cream


If you’re interested in learning more about the process behind these, visit MenScript. MenScript site. Seriously. There’s plenty of information that you can find beyond what is in this MenScript review.

MenScript Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, we’ll discuss it. In the case of this problem that’s common beneath the belt, MenScript offers five solutions to transform your pecker an uninteresting noodle into a good ole woodie.


  • Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra)



  • Viagra(r)


The process of delivery makes it more discreet but it is still necessary to have a MenScript doctor to recommend these products. Please remember that you can use one of the terms in the MenScript review, they use it every day.

Is MenScript Worth It?

Overall, there are still many positive reviews about the simplicity of the process and the effectiveness for the items. It will depend on the ease of use as well as accessibility and costs of the other options, but if it goes off without an issue (which is what it should, but that isn’t a must) this seems to be the best option to take.

Where to Buy MenScript

MenScript is available only online at